Alice Ivy

  • Words. Bridget Douglas

Music | March 27 2017

Honestly, I haven’t been able to get Alice Ivy’s new single ‘Get Me a Drink’ out of my head – it’s just so frickin’ cool. Like all of her songs, it’s a total dreamscape. The lyrics are relatable to almost everyone – forget your problems, and have some drinks at the club.

Ivy, Melbourne native, 23 year old artist/producer has an impressive collection of soulful, electronic songs, collaborating with many artists and DJ’s. The girl can sing…and craft beautiful songs with sexy beats and sound clips from old movies and R&B songs, to give some examples of her creative flair. Her songs take you to another dimension – they make you want to dance slowly and fully take in the moment.

She’s currently on tour in Australia, playing in the Gold Coast this Thursday night at the Miami Marketta before continuing her tour through Byron Bay, Brisbane, Darwin and Alice Springs.

Get to know her a little better by checking out our interview below:

So, when/how did you get into music?

Music has always been a massive thing in my family! It’s always been associated with good memories for me. My dad used to blast Santana and Queen on weekends and light a bonfire in the backyard which was always a good time, my grandparents used to have so many instruments at their place back in Germany that I was allowed to pick up and play around with as a kid, my uncle is an awesome jazz guitarist who first taught me basic guitar chords and let me muck around in his home studio when I was super young. I guess I just knew that I always wanted to play music from a young age! It wasn’t until I started uni was where I realised that producing music is what I wanted to do.

Along with your singing, do you put together most of the beats and sound clips in your songs? How do your collaborations work?

I produce all of my own music. When I go into the studio with another artist we work on the lyrics / melody together, I sit on it for a bit in my own time and play around with it!

I love the dreamy vibes in your songs. Do you have a method when creating your songs?

I feel like the best way to describe the way I produce my music is a collage. I love picking samples, recordings and tones that balance well together to create a thick sonic atmosphere. I love to write music that takes you on a journey, and I do this by continuing to layer or strip back sounds in the song. I guess I don’t really have a method in creating songs, I just play and see what works and go from there.

How does it feel to be so young, and be doing so well with your music?

Man that’s super nice, I feel like I have ticked some things that I have always wanted to achieve so far in my career but in saying that I have a long way to go.

There are so many amazing young artists out there particularly in Australia at the moment, I haven’t really had the chance to sit back and think about it to be honest, I just want to keep going and get better at what I do.

You’re currently on tour now in Australia with Urthboy; how is it going?

This tour is so amazing. I was soo lucky to have received this opportunity to tour nationally like this, it’s not just a tour it’s a huuuuuuuge tour! I’m not sure when I would be able to play shows in places like Darwin, Alice Springs or Margaret River again anytime soon, so I’m really appreciating the shows. It’s also a total fam vibe on tour as well because we are spending so much time together! It’s awesome!

Are you excited to play in Toronto and the U.S.? Will it be your first time?

Yes! I’m so excited for this tour! It will be my first time in Canada. I played a show in New York last year and seen a little bit of the US. I’m so excited to just throw myself into the scene over there and check out some of the local stuff going on over there.

What do you think is the best setting for your music to be played?

I reckon at that turning point at a music festival at around 10pm where you are so goddamn tired but just want to dance. I write music that makes me feel good, and I really try and put so much energy and time into my performances in order to try and make the audience feel the same!

Do you have any long term goals?

I reckon a couple of long term goals of mine is to record an album overseas, do a world tour and get a gold Virgin membership.

Congrats on the new single ‘Get Me a Drink.’ Do you plan on releasing an album anytime soon?

Thanks! An album is in the works, you will hear more about it later in the year 😉

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