Kristina Podobed


Kristina is a 22-year old self-taught photographer from Ukraine, currently graduating from Odessa Economic University. She started shooting unconsciously, taking photos of things and people she liked or noticed. In a way she acknowledges that she sort of accidentally became an artist. Kristina puts her perception of Ukrainian’s reality into photography and is constantly working on personal projects that combine social documentary with snap-shots from her diary. 

Kristina recognises both types of images as being about truth and honesty exploring  mostly unpleasant and rough situations.

She  acknowledges that although she is very happy and lucky to be born in Ukraine that her country is full of problems. She learnt to get inspired by everything that surrounds her, bringing her camera wherever she goes to be able to shoot everything she sees. Her reality is all sides of life in Ukraine: from good-looking girls and models to homeless people who sleep in the streets.