Anne Barlinckhoff


True Love, 2014

In 2014 I lived in Cape Town, South Africa for just over half a year. I’m born and raised in The Netherlands so when I came to South Africa it felt like a whole another planet. I’ve come from a troubled past which resulted into love for beautiful things. Over there I’ve seen both, the trouble and the beautiful side and I fell in love with both. A few weeks before I left Cape Town I got to know Michelle and Julia on different moments. When I was shooting with Julia I got a phone call from Michelle, I told her to come join us on the beach which resulted in this series. We were a triangle that instantly understood each other. And when I look back now, this series was a subconscious reflection of the darkness I’ve seen which I transformed into love. Without trust and this intimate contact that I create with my subjects, my images would cease to exist. I’m just trying to sort of be on the edge. I feel like art should create a strong reaction or feeling that travels with you forever.

Paradis, 2016

This is a ongoing project where I’ve been photographing the beautiful people along my path in nature this year. I take you everywhere but you don’t know where I am. I desired the opposite. The hunger for the exotic in nature, somewhere you feel safe and everything is beautiful and peaceful. Like dreaming away. But it didn’t happen. It’s like a black hole, you fall into it and you keep falling, deeper and deeper and when you land on the bottom, there are diamonds on the floor, you grab them and put them in your pocket — bringing them with you on your way up.

A year ago a very important person in my life passed away and when this happened everything became unconsciously impregnated with her presence. I didn’t think about it, but the works I made after that became a reminder of her absence. And not only her, but a lot of tragedy happening in the world felt more visible. But only far down on the bottom you’ll be able to find diamonds. I found diamonds and I do believe I’ll find them again.