• Headshot. Gabriella Lo Presti


Mechelle B is a Sydney based artist currently undertaking a BFA at the National Arts School, majoring in Ceramics. Mechelle is visually inspired by the surreal moments of everyday life. Her practice includes drawing, clay sculpture, photography and Zine making. Her works have been exhibited at the National Gallery of Australia, Ambush Gallery, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, Museum of Contemporary Arts. 

Family Feast

Family Feast is a ceramic work about the beauty in the imperfect and banal realities of the everyday. Made from earthenware clay and glaze, Family Feast was in part inspired by Martha Stewart, a TV presenter who built an empire on being a domestic goddess. While she was a perfectionist her images on her twitter feed drew responses such as “That soup pic looks like a toilet bowl after an attack of intestinal flu.” “Seriously? That looks like spit and diarrhoea.”


The repulsive images are in stark contrast to her polished image. Mechelle finds ugly and imperfect images to be more honest representations reflective of reality. People are constantly taking orchestrated  photographs of their meals with filters to make them look polished. Mechelle’s sad, ugly meals reflect the narrative of everyday life- how things aren’t perfect, how they don’t have to be and how their imperfection is what makes them intriguing.