Music | July 21 2016

Australia is often excluded from tours, even from bands with a cult following here, mainly because our geographic location just makes too expensive and difficult. Which is why it’s so cool that one of the States most exciting indie punk outfits, Bleached, will be visiting our shores in late September for the first time. They’ve just released their second studio album, Welcome The Worms, an incredibly fun album that, as I listen to it, is making my wet Sydney bus trip (almost) feel like a LA beach party. I spoke to one third of Bleached, Jennifer, about their first Australian tour.

Australians love you! What do you know about your fan base here?

Wow that’s so cool you say that! I’ve never been to Australia so it’s all new to us! I’ve heard it’s not like Los Angeles and you are more selective about the bands that come over, so we are very excited and honoured to be invited.

Are you going to do any cheesy sightseeing?

Someone told me there are black sand beaches and if that’s true that is all I wanna see! I’m sure everything will be amazing if it’s as beautiful as everyone makes it out to be.

The music community in Australia has been criticised for being a bit of a boys’ club, with women struggling to get booked for shows at times. Is it different in LA?

I don’t feel like we have directly experienced that but I have seen things, for example someone once made a flyer for Coachella that deleted every band listed expect for the female bands and the results were pretty pathetic.

Who are some female punk musicians who inspire you?

Debbie Harry! Siouxsie Sioux! Tina from Sheer Mag!

I co-run The Ladies Network with my sister (and two other sisters from another mister) which is awesome, but we can drive each other crazy if we spend too much time together. Do you ever have that problem?

Haha um maybe sometimes but I feel like that’s how it is with anyone you’re in one place for too long with. Most of the time my sister and I are so understanding of each other’s personalities that it makes it easier. That’s so rad you and your sister do The Ladies Network together!

What can people expect from a live Bleached show?

We like to go crazy and have fun but also give fans the chance to hear the songs in their live form, which some people say is even better than the recording. But we are so stoked to come to Australia and slay!

Wednesday September 28
Kitchen People and HUSSY
Perth – Mojos | Tix here 

Friday September 30

Darts and Wet Lips
Melbourne – Northcote Social Club | Tix here 

Saturday October 1

Wax Witches and Rackett
Sydney – Newtown Social Club | Tix here 

Sunday October 2
Wollongong – Stuart Park (Yours & Owls Festival) | Tix here 

Monday October 3
Pop Cult and Sweater Curse
Brisbane – Brightside | Tix here

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