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Editorial | March 13 2017

Emma Watson is undeniably a badass lady who cares a whole lot about a variety of causes, in particular women’s rights, the environment and most recently, sustainable fashion. As you may know, she recently declared her intention to wear only sustainable designers on the red carpet and has now taken this one step further by setting up the Instagram account @the_press_tour in collaboration with Eco Age, to breakdown every outfit she wears on press appearances for The Beauty and the Beast. She lists the designers of each garment, what makes them ethical and sustainable and also what beauty products were used in creating her look, focusing on using only natural, cruelty free brands. This is obviously awesome in a lot of ways – firstly, it’s not every day you get a global superstar making a promise to wear only sustainable fashion, thus drawing attention to the problematic nature of much of the fashion industry, and secondly it’s rare for a celebrity to be so honest and aware of the potentially toxic nature of their beauty routines and work so hard to give natural beauty brands more exposure.

As a big fan of natural beauty products and brands that actually do what they say they will, (sadly, it can be bloody hard to find natural products that perform as well as their chemical laden versions), I have been obsessively researching each and every product that Emma mentions on @the_press_tour Instagram.

So you can imagine my delight when ultimate beauty voyeur website Into the Gloss (a wondrous place that provides you with an in-depth look into the beauty routines of a wide range of creative individuals) published a Top Shelf interview with her on Monday. In the interview she explains her interest in all things sustainable, ethical and natural, stating “Recently I’ve become super interested in sustainability and transparency and understanding what I’m putting on my face and on my body. It’s been a fun little mission to see how far I can go with it…Can I create a completely sustainable wardrobe? Can I dress sustainably on the red carpet? Can I put together a hair and makeup look with completely organic products?” Emma sticks to an 80/20 philosophy when it comes to sustainable fashion and eco beauty, which is what I believe to be the most achievable perspective to have when altering your purchasing habits – there will be times when you really want that cheap waterproof Maybelline mascara or a top from Zara and there’s no point beating yourself up over it. Making small changes like switching to a natural deodorant or trying out a cruelty free concealer, educating yourself about the realities of the fashion industry and investing in ethical, sustainable brands, much in the way that Emma is, is a great place to start. Here are four of her recommended products to get you started on your own clean beauty journey.

RMS Beauty ‘Un’ Cover-Up Concealer



Emma describes herself as being “pretty obsessed” with RMS Beauty ‘Un’ Cover-Up Concealer and I have to say that I’m very much in the same boat. All RMS Beauty products are formulated with organic raw ingredients which deliver a wealth of vital nutrients to your skin. According to her Into the Gloss interview and @the_press_tour Instagram, ‘Un’ Cover-Up concealer is Emma’s most frequently used product, and she appreciates its ability to look like natural skin but better. As someone who holds stupidly high expectations for products, I’m happy to say ‘Un’ Cover-Up has not disappointed me – it’s blendable, multi-use and feels super lightweight on your skin – undoubtedly my desert island makeup pick.




Emma uses several Inika products, including their Loose Mineral Foundation Powder, BB cream and Lip and Cheek Cream. Considering Inika is a cruelty free, vegan, organic Australian brand, it’s exciting to see Emma lend them some pretty massive exposure through featuring them regularly on @the_press_tour Instagram. I’ve yet to try their Loose Mineral Foundation or BB cream, but if it’s anything like their top-notch concealer, I’d suggest giving them a go.

Weleda Sage Deodorant



A natural deodorant that really does the job is truly the unicorn of the eco beauty world. I’ve yet to find one that leaves me sweat free and not smelling like a strange mixture of herbal aromas, but according to Emma, who’s been on a similar natural deodorant mission, Weleda Sage Deodorant is the one to purchase. You can find it and other Weleda products on Australian based natural beauty website Nourished Life.

Sukin Hydrating Mist Toner



Sukin is one of those rare brands; natural, effective yet inexpensive. Emma has listed their Hydrating Mist Toner as a product she uses to prep her skin for red-carpet worthy makeup, which suggests to me that it’s pretty excellent. Like Inika, Sukin are an Australian brand that Emma has lent her support to which is great to see, and on @the_press_tour Instagram she specifically mentions Sukin’s commitment to offsetting their carbon emissions through a clean energy biomass project located in India, drawing attention to yet another reason why this brand is worth your time.

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