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Fashion | March 23 2017

Have you ever found yourself in a makeup rut? Even as a self-confessed beauty obsessed individual with approximately thirty mascaras to my name, I often find myself dragging out the same tired makeup look day in and day out. (Concealer, brow gel, bronzer, cream blush, smudged brown eyeliner and mascara, in case you were wondering). The problem is, I’m not a huge fan of the heavy coverage, contoured, false lash ~Youtube looks~ for everyday living, but am still in need of some makeup inspiration now and then. That’s where Instagram, as per usual, acts as a fountain of creativity, with many amateur and established makeup artists using the platform to fill their feeds with everything from avant-garde eyes, dewy, minimalist looks paired with a vibrant lip, and innovative ways to wear blue mascara. Here are five brilliant makeup artists doing their thing on the gram.

Extra Silky



Run by hairstylist, hairdresser and makeup artist Nina Metta Ratsaphong, Extra Silky is an outlet for sharing her professional work alongside photos of friends, celebrities and high fashion looks she’s inspired by. Her aim is to “Inspire new looks to add to your already amazing style…tips and tricks to enhance your beauty, not cover”, and this irreverent, upbeat attitude permeates her gram. She embraces and promotes a diverse, unique range of individuals and looks and you’ll be seriously considering incorporating coloured mascara and a green eyeshadow into your daily routine after scrolling through this excellent collection of snaps.

Ruthie Barone



Ruthie Barone is a makeup artist who creates editorial and avant-garde looks for her Instagram and YouTube channel using solely vegan and cruelty free products. She recently completed a one hundred days of makeup project, where each day she uploaded a unique/mesmerising/jaw-droppingly fantastic eye look to her gram. She said this challenge was about proving that “Makeup can be art, or not. Makeup does not need to be traditionally beautiful. Makeup is what you want it to be”, and this attitude shines through when perusing her feed. Let’s just say I haven’t been this inspired to experiment with unconventional eye looks/stick dead flowers on my face maybe ever.

Bea Sweet



UK based makeup artist Bea Sweet is a bonafide makeup trend setter/rule breaker/all around innovator who has worked with an impressive catalogue of artists such as Charlie XCX, FKA Twigs and Kehlani. In an interview with Local Suicide, Bea said she gets “A lot of inspiration from my products, I tend to use a lot of things meant for lips on eyes and a lot of things meant for eyes on cheekbones.” Her feed is sure to inject a heavy dose of aesthetic inspiration directly into your bloodstream; bright, highly glossed lips, glitter, sequins and colour used in wild and unexpected ways, and stick on lip tattoos is just a small selection of the top-notch creativity you can expect from Bea’s work.

Lara Daly


 Lara is a Wellington based freelance makeup artist with a wide array of experience in everything from beauty editorial work, runway looks, music videos to weddings and balls. Her feed is a seriously pleasing collection of primarily editorial and fashion related makeup looks, with a focus on graphic pops of liner, bright colours, dewy skin, glowy highlighter, and blush that creeps up around the eyes and forehead. Her talent lies in combining vibrant shades, high shine, and statement lines with natural looking skin, resulting in an array of fresh-faced yet eye-catching looks. Expect a diverse mix of models, top-notch styling and photography, many artistic eyeliner looks and lashings of highlighter and gloss.

Phoebe Walters


UK based makeup artist Phoebe Walters has an impressive list of achievements to her name. Known for her experimentation with string and curls of hair in her makeup looks, her work has appeared in Italian Vogue, Aesthetic Zine and on the runways for Gucci, Phiney Pet and Ashish. Whether it’s working as a MUA for Ashish’s Fall 2017 Ready to Wear collection or creating a simple yet striking editorial look for Dazed, Phoebe’s makeup prowess is impressive, one of kind and sure to provide you with ideas for fresh looks to experiment with.

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