Lucy Knox

  • Words . Cait Emma Burke and Manuela Leigh

Film | April 12 2017

The upcoming For Film’s Sake Festival is a festival worth getting excited about, featuring a whole bunch of amazing work by even more amazing female filmmakers. I Will Treasure Your Friendship is one of the many short films on the line up, directed, edited and co-produced by Lucy Knox, a director and video artist who is currently shooting music videos while writing her next narrative based short film, shooting later this year. I Will Treasure Your Friendship is about a fame obsessed YouTube singer who photo shops himself into the lives of celebrities and an Australian murder victim. Check out Lucy’s questionnaire answers below, and see the film in person on Thursday April 27th at 9pm, screening alongside Hell Bento. Head to For Film’s Sake to purchase tickets and while you’re at it like them on Facebook and Instagram to keep in the loop with all the very exciting events they have planned.


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