Mila Dietrich

  • Words. Louisa Thurn

Music | March 13 2017

An up-and-coming techno producer and DJ from the south of France, Mila Dietrich, is one to watch. Fresh off dropping her latest EP, Mantra, Mila draws upon her time as a drummer in rock bands to set herself apart with a unique blend of groovy vocals and psychedelic vibes. I talked to Mila about connection with the punters, her various influences, and the importance of a unique style.

When did you first become interested in techno?

I fell in love with electronic music when I started going to rave parties. It was something very new to me as I was more into instrumental music before…

So you just dropped your latest EP, Mantra. When did you begin producing tracks?

I started producing music 3 years ago now. I had a strong will to create my own beats and melodies, and not to only be focussed on rhythm as when I was a drummer.

How does your time as a drummer influence your productions?

I played in many various bands: punk, rock, garage, metalcore, psyche rock… I think it was very instructive to meet all these musical environments because it made truly open-minded. Now in my productions I can take my inspirations from all those musical genres.

Your sets also meld influences across a range of genres, what draws you to that kind of music?

To me it’s to have met different styles as a musician, but also as a listener of course. I’m now really looking to create my own original style, my own electronic style. I don’t want to copy any other projects that already exist. I’m not into experimenting and mixing genres together.

What do you think sets you apart from other techno artists?

I have the feeling that many producers and DJs try and copy each other to fit to a precise techno style,

like Berlin/underground techno. I find it unfortunate as it’s not creative enough to me. As artists we should be curious and experiment with music, like scientists with chemicals.

What do you look for in the perfect gig?

To me, a perfect gig is a party where I really can communicate with the public during my set. It means I can feel people’s energy and give them the sound they want to hear at a precise moment. It can happen in small intimate clubs, but also at bigger gigs, like festivals. Actually I can have fun at both.

Who do you look up to in your scene?

Many producers actually, such as Chloé and Jenifer Cardini, but to take an example I would say Groove Delight. She has her own style which is so powerful, and she is not afraid to mix various styles in her tracks. She is also a very good DJ who shares a huge energy with her public, something I love too.

You look up to a lot of women in the dance scene, but techno can be a bit of a boys club. What’s your experience of being a woman in a male dominated industry?

I guess as a woman you more have to prove that you know the technical stuff to be accepted as a ‘real artist’. I think it helps me to be a producer and not only a DJ. Now that I have proved myself in making tracks, I see it’s easier to get recognition from my male peers.

What’s next for you?

My new Mantra EP has just been released on Nymphony Records, and we had a release party in Grenoble to celebrate it, which was really fun! I have many gigs coming across France, and a really big project will be revealed to the public very soon…!

Mantra is available on bandcamp through Nymphony Records, listen on SoundCloud below.

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