Grab Back

by Mignon Hemsley

  • Photography. Mignon Hemsley
  • Concept artist . Manon Loustaunau
  • Model . Mikayla Baumgartner.

Photography | February 2 2017

In a time where our country has been faced with division and hatred it’s difficult to find a place of solidarity and peace. In this photo series, I challenged myself to find a place where those two actions meet as one. As women, we are faced with many challenges and decisions made regarding our well being, our bodies, and our rights that are decided upon by everyone except those who it will effect. Its sickening. Its scary. But when things get hard and trivial we as women have the strength and intuition to push forward to ensure our prosperity is protected. Not only does the statement “Grab Back” refer to statements made by the President before being voted into office, but more importantly it stands for taking control of the things that will negatively effect our welfare as well as the job we uphold towards protecting our sanity. There is a lot of expectation upon women and these photos project how we can take a stance on our rights while still being graceful, elegant, and tenacious.

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