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Fashion | April 12 2017

We all know that Instagram is a great platform from which to procure fashion inspiration, but sometimes our feeds can get repetitive and mundane, leaving us craving a new influx of content to keep our visual hunger satiated. With that in mind, here’s a selection of ethical Australian and New Zealand fashion labels whose aesthetically pleasing feeds match the high quality of their designs.

Beach Knickers



Created by New Zealand fashion designer Rose Ackland, Beach Knickers is a Jane Birkin, beachy, 70s inspired dream of a label. You can expect lots of gingham two pieces, flowy white fabrics, picturesque New Zealand landscapes and chic styling from their Instagram, and I can almost guarantee that after browsing this feed you’ll be hankering after one of their covetable pieces. (Personally, I’m deeply in love with The Florence Blouse).

Paris Georgia Basics



Created by New Zealand designers Paris Mitchell and Georgia Cherrie, co-owners of the exceptional The Mercantile Store (worth a look if you’re after top quality one of a kind designer vintage), Paris Georgia Basics is a minimalist, sleek, 90s Calvin Klein-esque label that, hence the name, really nails the basics – think perfectly cut slip dresses, wide legged pants, duster coats and wrap tops. Their feed is a homage to the art of timeless, yet distinctly stylish dressing, something that is surprisingly hard to achieve, and features an array of well-dressed ladies who will have you lusting after a tailored, minimalist wardrobe.




Yet another Melbourne based fashion label, (there’s definitely something in the water there), Sauvika’s simple, minimalist designs are inspired by Scandinavian culture, interior design and architecture. Their understated yet elegant clothing is complimented by the vibrant colours of the landscapes, artwork and architecture that permeates their feed. A great gram for both style and home inspiration.

Bedroom The Label


Bedroom The Label is a Melbourne based fashion label that is focused on slow fashion principles – all items are made to order and are created using limited edition and recycled materials. Their Instagram is a pleasing mixture of pastels, plants, and sun drenched ladies wearing their chic yet versatile designs – think pinstripe jumpsuits, wide legged pants, boob tubes, wrap tops and mini-skirts. Just the thing to bring some new life to your feed and your wardrobe.



Melbourne fashion label Verner is known for its irreverent and experimental take on womenswear, often playing with gender, functionality and wearability, which is reflected in their sometimes eccentric, always visually striking Instagram feed. Their covetable designs, superb styling and occasionally out of left field photographic content are endlessly regrammable.

Sunday Social



Sunday Social is a fashion label hailing from Brisbane and they’re currently running a pop-up store in Melbourne that I would urge any Melbournians to pay a visit to, as there’s so many snazzy yet affordable designs in their range. Along with their own in house label they have an expertly curated selection of vintage and accessories, and their feed is all about cool, fun-loving ladies wearing their designs in their own way. If you’re ever in need of a quick injection of outfit inventiveness, this is the gram to head to.



Modern gothic-romantic feels like a fitting description for emerging Melbourne fashion label Kalaurie, and their Instagram truly is a dark, moody feast for the eyes. I can envisage a young Helena Bonham Carter in A Room With A View wearing the beautifully cut almost Victorian style white ruffled shirt or the dark dress with puffy sleeves, but can also see these pieces perfectly complimenting a variety of present day wardrobes. Their Instagram features striking shots of their designs mixed in amongst photos of roses, oil paintings and wild terrains, and is a definite source of aesthetic inspiration for the colder months ahead.

Penny Sage


Penny Sage has become one of New Zealand’s most influential fashion designers, without having to compromise on sustainability and ethics; the label uses mainly natural fibres, natural dyes and works with family run businesses to manufacture clothes locally. This affinity with nature is reflected in their feed, which is a collection of neutral earthy tones, bright colours, and dreamy ladies wearing Penny Sage’s sophisticated designs amongst the beauty of the great outdoors.

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