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- Series Launch -

  • Words . Kyra Gillespie
  • Photography . Jess Sanders

Editorial | March 15 2017

Last Friday evening saw an intimate gathering of diverse, largely female and female-identifying individuals to celebrate the inaugural screening of Melbourne-based project her words; an inspiring online video interview series created by Domini Marshall.

"Sharing stories of women. Inspiring courage through connection. Igniting change through conversation."

The night kicked off with an acknowledgement of country by Tarneen Onus-Williams, then we heard from Rose Kentish representing The Sparkke

Change Beverage Company, who spoke about the company’s mission and why they wanted to partner with her words on the ‘Nipples are Nipples’ gender equality hard lemonade can.

Powered by eight young women in Adelaide, Sparkke is a progressive social enterprise that is raising awareness and funds for important social issues through beer, cider, and wine – the great conversation starters of our generation.

“We’re a team of young social activists representing diverse 



orientations, cultures, and backgrounds, we’re disrupting a 4 billion dollar a year beer industry that is male dominated. We exist to create a platform for good, a platform for change, and a platform that belongs to our generation. We are changing the corporate code for good.”

– The Sparkke Change Beverage Company

Next up we had a screening of the trailer for her words accompanied by the beautiful voice of MILCK in her song ‘Quiet’.

A small speech by her words creator Domini Marshall had the entire room feeling humbled, as she thanked those who had been involved – both crew and interviewees – and invited them to the front.


“After a year working on her words with a talented all-female crew and so many people who were involved in bringing it to life, it’s been so rewarding to put it out there. What’s even more rewarding is the positive response towards these women and their stories, and the feedback from those involved and what the process has meant to them. For us, that’s everything.”

This was followed by the first viewing of one of the first interviews with filmmaker and storyteller Brigid Canny.

Exploring this month’s topic: ‘self-love’, Brigid brought to the fore her personal experiences of living with a significant but largely invisible disability, and the importance of acknowledging every person as a human being no matter their capabilities. Her strong words had every head in the audience nodding as she spoke of self-love:

“For a lot of women, self-love can be a rebellious act. We live in a world that tells us we are constantly not enough.”

In order to self-love, women have the process of undoing so much conditioning around needing to be more, and the idea that ‘I’ll be lovable when…’.

For Brigid, we need to be actively changing the narrative in our own heads by telling ourselves:

“I’m enough where I am, rather than where I am heading.”


She stresses the importance of having diverse women represented in mainstream culture in the hopes that women and young girls will no longer feel excluded by a single constructed idea of beauty:

“There’s not one way to be gorgeous, and there’s not one way to be sexy.”

As well as the strength of surrounding ourselves with women:

“My relationships with my women are what give me the greatest sense of self.”

Tucked away in a modern Collingwood studio provided by The True East Agency, complete with an outdoor skate park as a backyard, the space was entirely transformed by the her words team into a haven of minimalist delicacy and creative expression.

Centring the space was an incredible hanging art installation created by Sarah from Bangin Hangings, stunningly eye-catching amidst its surroundings.

In collaboration with the ceiling art above, on the table below was an equally impressive cheese board instalment by the ladies over at Firecracker Events, who worked meticulously for what

seemed like hours to create an oozy, gooey, colourful cheese and cured-meat heaven. Picture this: a former landscape architect meets catering – it was almost too beautiful to eat.

Providing classy bangers and groovy tunes to dance through the night was none other but

the foxy ladies of two-piece DJ duo Dior di Latte – Emma Cutri and Ruby Kannava.

As the evening progressed, the united feeling of consciousness raising was electric in the scene of a backyard full of

women sitting on top of skate ramps, sipping socially conscious beverages, while discussing empowerment and change.

“It was such a great night celebrating women and their diverse stories. We really can’t thank enough everyone who was a part of bringing the series and the launch event to life. We felt so privileged to be in the company of so many incredible humans including our interviewees and crew. It felt really special to be a part of that and to be able to share one of our first episodes in their presence.”

–  Domini Marshall

The interview series, launched last week on International Women’s Day, can be found by visiting Her Words here:


To keep an eye on the release of new episodes and monthly themes, follow Her Words on InstagramFacebookYouTube or their website.

Her words would like to thank all those involved, including:

Photography – Jess Sanders @moments_and_thyme

Alcohol – Sparkke Brewery  and Six Acres Wine.

Food – Firecracker Events

Hanging – Bangin’ Hangings

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