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  • Words . Mikaelie A Evans
  • Photography . Anna Cunningham

Fashion | April 3 2017

JBC Lingerie is the Melbourne based label who have been challenging societies mediocre ideas of what a model should look like through their Just Babes Club campaign shoots, and garments.

Though they’re still a young label, they’re making a memorable imprint within the industry as they’re quickly rising with a hugely positive impact on the inspiring Self-Love movement. With their handcrafted, intricate intimates adorning their bad ass attitude, it’s not surprising that JBC continues to expand all over the globe.

Jarrah Benwell-Clarke is the leading lady behind it all, and it’s she who designs these sought after pieces with the assistance of the brands manager Bianca Cornale to create JBC and all that it entails. Sometimes we get BTS snippets of their photoshoots on social media, but there are still some BTS details that can’t be captured, though they’ve now been elaborated on thanks to Jarrah!

Where did the the acronym of JBC (Just Babes Club) stem from? 😉

It’s my name! Jarrah Benwell-Clarke! Bianca (AKA B) Cornale who is JBC’s brand manager thought it up. One bloody clever babe!

The label has really taken off over the past year or so. How are you coping with the increasing demand for your handmade goods?

Ahhhh I think you know the answer to that by seeing my sleep deprived self! It’s been tough! But I really do love what I do and when I’m passionate and excited by something I honestly can’t stop! This year I’m trying to find more work life balance… While still keeping on top of it all… Wish me luck!

When you began your fashion studies, did you go in there with the intention to create a lingerie label?

No I didn’t, looking back on it now I feel like a bit of a crazy person! I had never made a bra or underwear in my life. I just felt there was a need for more lingerie labels, which were aimed at babes feeling sexy for themselves. I remember sitting at a café with my ma and telling her that was what I was going to do. When I got home I bought a book off Amazon on how to make lingerie and the rest is history. Now I feel like I’ve done it my whole life, it’s my identity.

You really built a solid foundation from the beginning, what were some of the visions you initially had for your label?

I think the main thing for me is that it had to be more than just about physical garments, it had to have an emotional purpose! Which for JBC is to help babes feel sexy and love their bodies.

JBC are really going against the mainstream grain for advertising with your models being so inclusive of all shapes and sizes. You really have included such a variety of everyday people, which is so beautiful! But was it a risky image to create with the industry seemingly quite cut throat?

Diversity is what we shoot and try to show in our images; that ALL babes should be able to feel beautiful and sexy. This is so important to what we believe in as a brand, if we didn’t, we would feel like complete hypocrites preaching self-love. So no, it was something we had to do.

Having such a broad clientele for your lingerie is really amazing, and super inviting for so many who don’t fit the cis-female identity. Was this something you really wanted to incorporate into your label?

Definitely, JBC Lingerie is for the 99% of babes the media leaves out in their representation of beauty.


JBC Lingerie has just dropped their latest range Dad I’m Going Out which includes a lot of unique garments as well as lingerie. Similarly to the All Tits Are Perfect collection, you’re creating intimates that can be taken to the street. Do you think JBC Lingerie will continue to build on this kind of intimates streetwear apparel?

For sure! I had so much fun designing DAD! I got myself a whole new wardrobe! Plus the feeling it gives you wearing it out is the bee’s knees! We’ll definitely continue making merch to rep social issues that are important to us as a brand. Making actually clothing, no.

Most of your pieces and sets have been named after iconic ladies. Do these women particularly inspire you? Would you say that each of them have been a sort of muse of inspiration?

It’s more that the sets remind us of these amazing babes or bangers me and B would love to get down to in them, than the inspiration behind the sets themselves.

As the leading lady, do you design all of the pieces yourself or do you have anyone else that you collaborate with for creation?

Yeah I design it all. B definitely helps with deciding if something is good or bad.

You’re currently a Melbourne-based designer. Do you have any intentions of expanding your one location?

I can’t say that the thought of stockists all over the world doesn’t excite me… But Melbourne will always be JBC’s home. I love it here, soooo many bad ass amazing babe!

We all know and love what you do for Babes all of over the world, but what do you do for you when it comes to some self-loving?

Well if I’m feeling super frumpy I’ll try my samples on in the studio to remember what a babe I am… LOL! But my main journey with self-love is remembering to took after my mind and body. JBC has taught me so much with how to love and accept myself the way I am and not compare!

This lingerie business is hot shit and I’m sure there are lots of aspiring babes who are heavily influenced by your style and aesthetic. Do you take on any interns? What would a younger babe have to do in order to gain hands on experience within your intimate label?

Get it in touch. They just need the right attitude, experience and passion to learn. Yes we currently have a few talented babes interning at the moment.

Are there any kinds of inspiring mantra or motto that you’re fond of, use personally and would like to share with us?

“HOW DO YOU DEFINE A BABE?… A BABE IS ANYONE WHO BELIEVES THEY’RE A BABE!” Words of wisdom courtesy of @smalldicknik

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