Julie Kerr

  • Words. Sasanki Tennakoon
  • Photography . Alex Carlyle and Allistair MacKenzie

Music | February 2 2017

Music Love is the recently launched brainchild of Aussie singer-songwriter and producer, Julie Kerr. The website celebrates females in the music industry from producing to performing and everything in between.

The music industry, like many creative industries in Australia and around the world, often sees an under representation of women — but that doesn’t mean they’re not there. Music Love brings to the fore the stories and experiences of these women, highlighting their invaluable contributions.

In the wake of the recent global Women’s March, Kerr’s website adds to the tapestry of positive resources available in a landscape that still poses many and varied challenges for women.

Kerr recently took some time out to answer a few curious questions.


Music Love is a new website you launched in 2016 – tell us a bit about this new venture

Music Love supports and champions Australian women in music. From all areas of the country and all areas of the industry, every genre, every role —  women are everywhere and this website shines a spotlight on their stories and experiences.

We also create playlists for audiences who are having trouble finding good Aussie music. And we are about to commence Music Love events! These showcases will be a place where people can come and hear live music in new spaces and at different times — think high teas, long lunches, sundowner drinks. We will showcase a variety of music in the one show so people can get a taste of different styles of music they mightn’t normally be drawn to.

How can people get involved with Music Love?

Sign up to our newsletter to keep updated on all of our profiles and news.
Email hello@musiclove.com.au to suggest a story idea of yours, or someone you know.
Come to a Music Love event (details coming soon)!
Listen to our podcast (launching in a few weeks).

Why did you feel compelled to create a resource like Music Love?

There are so many women who work in the Australian music industry. From singer/songwriters to members of the many orchestras around Australia, to managers and publicists, opera singers, dancers, record labels, session musicians — the list is pretty long. I wanted to share their stories, and promote their recorded music and live shows.


Are there any females in the industry that have inspired you?

Where to start? There are so many so this list is by no means exhaustive. I remember singing I Should Be So Lucky on the monkey bars when I was in the second grade, so the first shout out has to go to Kylie. Sia, Courtney Barnett, Linda Marigliano, Nina Las Vegas, Thando, Nai Palm, Sal Kimber, Vicki Gordon, Emily Wurramara, Maria Amato, Montaigne, Antonia Gauci, Elle Graham (AKA Woodes), Kasey Chambers. There are more. Hence why I started the website! I can honestly say there is not one woman who I have profiled that I haven’t found inspiring. It is the most heart-warming endeavour and I learn so much in my research and conversations.

How do you balance being a singer, songwriter and producer especially since launching Music Love?

Good question! I have been recording and performing for twenty years now and I had some time out where I studied journalism and took on the role of a freelance writer. I got a phone call in 2012 from Jermaine Jackson who had found a song of mine called Papergirl on the internet (random!) and we became friends. He inspired me to record and perform again. Last year when we were promoting my latest album Carry On, the idea came and just snowballed. It has overtaken my music for now, and I am so excited to champion other people’s music. I think I have an appreciation for the craftsmanship because I am a composer and write and record myself, which is why it is all coming together so well.

Do you have any words of wisdom for a younger Julie Kerr?

No rush. One day at a time.

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