Lauren Winzer

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Editorial | August 14 2018

Lauren Winzer is an unstoppable creative force, pushing the limits of her industry one beautifully perennial artwork at a time. As a tattoo artist, she’s not only made her mark (no pun intended) on the often male-dominated field, but is pioneering the discipline in her home-city of Sydney.

With her radiating individuality, effortless colour combinations and unapologetically maximalist style, Lauren’s clothing choices are an expression of her character. This is obvious in her styling of Nike’s new Sport Pack Collection, a gold mine of unique and versatile pieces for understated and vibrant tastes alike. With a diverse palette and innovative pieces, the Nike Sport Pack Collection is easy to style without compromising on your personal taste. When speaking with Lauren, it’s clear that she stays true to herself with her outer appearance acting as a reflection of her sunny, positive and strong-minded disposition. 

As a tattoo artist, Lauren’s job is all about designing and creating pieces that are expressive, detailed and personal. And these same visual principles are what she uses when curating a look for herself.

“I always dress depending on my mood or a theme I’ve got in mind. For myself, I always like to have at least one feature piece, whether it has a metallic print or is a bold colour and I work the rest of my outfit based on that. I’m a sucker for colour coordinating, sometimes even little details like my socks or a matching hair clip. And then sometimes nothing matches, and I love that too! it’s about creating a whole look for me that shows people my personality.

Lauren’s signature look is bold, colourful and unique, and by styling outfits in her own way she is emboldened to choose what she communicates through her appearance.

“I mostly just want to show my personality, show that I’m bright and friendly and creative.” she says. “I find that a lot of people come up and comment on my outfit or hair and that makes me so happy that people feel comfortable enough to approach me and start a conversation!”

This philosophy on personal style extends to her styling of the Nike Sport Pack collection. Inspired by the unwavering power of boundary-breaking women, Nike draws on design and innovation to create pieces which encourage women to feel confident. This is apparent when Lauren discusses her favourite pieces from the Nike Sport Pack Collection and how she styles them to suit her look.

“I absolutely LOVE the black and pink bomber jacket and the sports dress!” says Lauren. “The bomber goes with everything! You can wear it with bright colours or dark because the inside is baby pink! I personally like to wear it with tighter clothing. I love mixing baggy outerwear with tight fitting clothes. The dress you can wear by itself or wear a shirt or jumper underneath which is awesome because it can be dressy or casual.”

Like art and fashion, Lauren finds strength and freedom in movement, feeling most empowered by yoga both in a physical and personal sense.

“For me I feel the best after yoga, it makes me feel in control of my body and my mind. I feel like I can let go of so much during yoga and then feel like I am reset and can take on anything after, it always clears my mind and gives me new energy.”

As well as physical exercise, Lauren makes sure she focuses on her mental health and wellbeing. Balancing running a successful career with acts of self care is no small feat, and for Lauren, it was a process of learning and acceptance.

“To be honest, it took me so long to find balance. It’s so easy to get caught up in your work, trying to keep the ball rolling. Then you pick up too much speed and crash! I’ve finally realised that you can actually get so much more done if you take even just a couple of hours a week to look after yourself. I sleep better, I have more energy and my body has more stamina for my long days bending over drawing. I mostly go for walks, dance or do yoga. I get social balance with the first two and I get to stretch and repair with yoga.”

So, besides breaking down self-imposed obstacles through balance and mindfulness, what does Lauren perceive as the biggest barriers to success and how does she move beyond the fast-paced and competitive nature of living in a city?

“I think comparing yourself and your speed to others is one downfall of living in Sydney.” she says. “If you spend time making comparisons and stressing out you can get a block, you stop fully focusing on yourself and focus too much on others. I just try to set my own pace, admire others but remember that just because someone else is succeeding in your field, that doesn’t mean that there’s less success for you! It should never be a competition, everyone has their own unique skills and talents to show.”

Women in Sydney (and all over the world for that matter) are moving culture forward in a way that cannot be ignored, and these female-driven societal shifts aren’t going unnoticed by Lauren either.

“I’ve noticed so many more independent art shows the last year and loads of people going out and supporting and checking out what Sydney has to offer! Also, we have a lot more local live music happening and again. There’s so much support from our locals which just means that there’s more opportunity for all of us. I think we are all becoming more supportive of people just having a go!”

To sum up Lauren’s sage musings, we end our conversation with a piece of advice for women who are struggling to find their inner strength and confidence.

“Think of things that you’d like to try, that you’re good at and that make you happy and do them more! I find confidence when I’m with my friends, and so if I want to try something new I always try it with someone who I know that no matter whether I’m good at it or not I’ve got someone that’s going to back me up and make me feel good regardless.”

“One thing that has changed my life the last few years is always making choices based on if it’s going to make me happy. I used to feel uncomfortable in certain situations, and you know what, I didn’t have to be there! I was choosing to be there! Do things that make you feel good because the happier you are, the more confident you are.”

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