Adrianna Krikl


  • Words . Caitlin Ellen Moore

Art | May 8 2017

I want you to sit back and let your mind wander as you give Adrianna Krikl’s EP “sonicDISTRACTIONS” a listen. Let it – and forgive the world play here – distract you.

“Pull”, the first track on this EP, just does that. It feels a little like the beginning of a video game; the start of some epic adventure that may really only be something as simple as going on a grocery run (would highly recommend listening to this the next time you go shopping – x100 more epic).

The second track on this EP is “Bring You”, aptly described by Adrianna as having ‘a cool trip-hop vibe’. “It was the first track I created for the EP,” says Adrianna, “I said to myself, I should create an EP utilising this vocal chop technique pulling from old vocals and creating something new.”

“I took an experimental approach to creating the music for this EP. For the tracks that contain female vocal samples, those are of my dear friends.  I pulled up some older pop tracks I had recorded some years ago with friends at my home. I lifted bits of vocal licks and chopped them up to create the hypnotic vocal loops you now hear on the EP, and built some of the songs like “Bring You” around this process.”


“Bring You” and “Got Me” happen to be my favourite tracks because of the way Adrianna has used vocals. Both songs are funky and make you want to boogie a little – creating a different type of distraction then the ones provided by the cinematic scopes of “Pull” and “Keep”.

“Other tracks like “Keep” and “Pull” were crafted with a cinematic-like approach. I wanted the songs to sound like they belonged to visuals.  I also wanted all the songs to have a hypnotic vibe where listeners could simply lose themselves in the tracks.”

Adrianna’s process of utilising sounds pulled from basic presets of Ableton Live, the use of unique instruments like the bliptronic, and then tweaking the audio waveform by stretching, chopping and pitching it, has created a really cool soundscape of an EP.

When asked where she aimed to take the listeners with her music, Adrianna responded with this: “The process I used to create the songs, is also what I hope the listener receives — a distraction from the day-to-day routines and take you on a journey.”

Well, it definitely does that.

Get listening to “sonicDISTRACTIONS” on soundcloud and have it playing on your next grocery run – I can guarantee some epic avocado purchasing.

You can follow Adrianna Krikl on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on her website.

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