Kate Martin -

Set My Life To Fire

  • Words. Laura Bracken

Music | March 20 2017

Finding myself hungover on this dreary day was the perfect excuse to immerse me in something different and new to forget that I drank too many beers the night before. I sluggishly roll my chair over to my desk, turn my speakers loud, shut my eyes and dive into Melbourne resident, Kate Martin’s new musical creation ‘Set My Life To Fire.’

Uncertainty washed over me as I finished the song for the first time, maybe I missed something? But I played it again, and again, until I found myself singing along with the chorus and picturing slow motion scenarios of ethereal choreography and beautiful girls running in meadows with daisies in their hair. Each time the song came on a new feeling arose, thick layers of melancholy ebbed and flowed me through the whimsical tones and, dark beats that lead me to the white light of her breathy high pitch voice.

Once you get to the chorus, it is apparent that Kate wants us to hear her voice, wants us to feel her emotion. The breathy high pitch voice is no longer; she is a woman roaring her message through the speakers. I found myself wanting more, needing to understand the whole process and back story. I couldn’t wait another moment; I decided to pull Kate out of the recording studio and ask her a few questions about everything. Upcoming events in March, new music videos, the whole process of releasing her third album and of course getting to know Kate Martin a little bit better.
Hello Kate, congratulations on the new release of ‘Set My Life To Fire’ from your third album. Tell me a little bit about it?

Thanks! It’s the title track of the album. I collaborated with Jon Hume on this one in his beautiful studio out in the Victorian countryside.

I know there is a music video that is due out soon, can you say anything about it? Or is it a surprise?

It’s an animated music video by the team at Oh Yeah Wow in Melbourne. I’m the only thing in the video filmed on camera. We decided to run with the notion of gradual change and interpret it by having me in an environment that disintegrates and evolves independently of me throughout the song.

“Set My Life To Fire” is an interesting title. What is the story behind the song?

It’s about burning the preconceived notions I had about how my life would turn out. It explores themes like transition and acceptance of things outside of my control. It’s got some pretty existential undertones. My favourite lyric from the song is ‘I am but a vapour in the ocean, a terrifying thought but a beautiful notion.’ I feel that line represents the overall sentiment of the song. It’s about rising above the barriers that hold us back from gaining a larger sense of the macro perspective.

Who are your major influences in your creative process?

Lots of people and things influence me every day. Regarding the creative process, these days I try to block out the external noise so’s that whatever I create comes from me. As much as I look up to other musicians and artists, what they do is not something I’m overly conscious of when I create. The subjects in my music probably influence my process the most. Regarding the ‘what’, I tend to consistently write down and record ideas at any given moment to store in my creative catalogue for when I need ideas to draw on. When I hear an album, a live band, a talented producer or a particular chord arrangement I often gain some level of inspiration. Life, people and conversations, in general, all play their part too.
What was the most difficult part of this process? How did you get through it?

I guess the most challenging part of the process was sitting on the album for so long. My last album came out in 2012, so it’s been a long time in between full-length releases. But on the upside taking this long has given me the space to work on writing new music, so it feels good to know that 2017 will be the year that I get to share a lot of what I’ve been working on.

What was the most inspiring part of this process?

The creation of the album is always the most exciting part for me, writing, producing and refining in the studio, it’s a great feeling to see a concept come to life! Regarding the making of this single, I had fun trying new sounds and playing with space and dynamics.

When you’re not in the studio where would we find you?

Most likely at home thinking about or making music, I live in a pretty central Melbourne suburb, so I also like to spend time exploring nearby parks and cafes. Sometimes I do boxing. I seem to do a lot of back and forth between Melbourne and Sydney these days for recording and collaborations too.

Where do you want to see yourself in five years?

I can’t see myself on any other path, so hopefully, I’ll be doing more of what I love. I’m interested to see what kind of music I’ll be writing by then too. I’d like to eventually have a studio of my own to produce music and drink coffee out of, that would be cool!

Are there any upcoming events of yours that we should attend?

The ‘Set My Life To Fire’ single launch is coming up at The Grace Darling Hotel in Melbourne on March 24.

Make sure to get involved with ‘Set My Life To Fire’ and listen to not only her new stuff but, her old stuff on Spotify! And, if you’re around Melbourne be sure to see Kate Martin smash her album launch on the 24th of March!

Here is a link to Facebook with all the details!

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