'Be Down'

  • Words . Caitlin Moore

Music | April 6 2017

I have three distinct memories of listening to this song. Granted, it’s only been a couple weeks, but Zellow’s Be Down is a song that’ll stick around.

The first memory is when I heard the track for the first time. I was in my student accommodation, staring out a dreary sky and getting fully immersed in the hallowing undertones of this track. The second is of a few days later when I was walking to a bus stop at 2AM after a three-hour layover in Huddersfield, UK. The streets were practically empty, the moon wasn’t out so dim streetlights lit my way, and with two earphones in and this track playing, I felt fully immersed in Zellow’s echoing harmonies. The third is the day after; in Hamburg, Germany, where sleep deprived me wished I was entering Autumn and not Spring as Be Down is the perfect song to get you into those winter vibes.

Zellow, known as Wilhelmina Mcrae by day, is new to the music scene. Self-produced and writing her own music, Be Down is her first single and it’s a killer of a first.


“I literally woke up one morning and had the chords in my head,” says Zellow, “I added the kick and delayed the clap then experimented with some harmonies.” Her favourite part of the track happens to be my own favourite part, the kicking harmonies you can hear throughout (and have already been mentioned a few times in this review). They are what make this song unique. “My favourite part was laying down the 4 part harmonies at the end. I remember thinking: ‘Damn, I think I’ve struck gold with this song, I hope people vibe it!’”

Zellow goes on to say what truly inspired her to write Be Down: “… At the time I was seeing someone and I wanted to capture the feeling of something more might just be happening, but was way too scared to admit it to anyone. So I wrote about it instead.”

Well, I’m glad she did write about it – and I hope you take a moment to add this track to your Autumn playlist as it’ll slide in perfectly.

You can find Zellow on Instagram and Facebook, and her first track ‘Be Down’ on Spotify and SoundCloud.


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