by Powder

  • Words . Louisa Thurn
  • Photography . Cedric Diradourian

Music | March 27 2017

Tokyo based producer and DJ Moko Shibata, aka Powder, has just dropped her fourth EP, H, through Cocktail d’Amore and it’s jam from start to finish.

Though technically a house producer, Powder spices up the rolling 4×4 groove of her tracks with tropical influences, throwing just enough acid and industrial elements into the mix to bring the offering into the 23rd century.

Beginning with the sexy and sensual Hip, we’re taken to a late night alien forest rave with a track that’s guaranteed to get bodies moving.


Next up is the bouncy, disco inspired beach boogie, Heart, pumping us up before we get down, dirty, and into industrial house territory with the final two tracks, Hole, and Hair.

Shibata lives a dual life, working her 9-5 office job throughout the day and finding escape in her music by night. If H is anything to go by, we can expect Powder to keep taking us with her – three steps to the left of normal and off to other worlds.

Listen to H below!

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