Making Modernism

With TLN & Friends

  • Photography. Dakota Gordon

Art | August 11 2017

Earlier this month we were lucky enough to take a sneak peek at Making Modernism, an exhibition featuring works by Grace Cossington-Smith, Georgia Okeeffe and Margaret Preston now showing at AGNSW. The exhibition got us seriously  thinking about the significance of showing works by three female artists at an art institution like AGNSW and because we can’t think of anything better than talking about women and the politics of art we invited five of our friends along to join in the conversation, including Sydney based collage artist Kitty Callaghan.

For more information and tickets to Making Modernism now showing at The Art Gallery of NSW head to their website here. 


Kitty Callaghan, artist/ photographer

First impression of Making Modernism:

I was in awe of the works, and so happy  that so many amazing pieces could end up in a space in Sydney for me to see.

How did you get into painting? Did anything inspire your entry into artmaking?

I only paint occasionally, usually to collage with. I guess I got into painting via collage. Nothing in particular inspired my beginnings in art making, other than a love of cutting and pasting and reusing found objects/ imagery.

Can you tell us about female artist you find inspiring?

Amanda Charchian and Yayoi Kusama. I love that Amanda blurs the lines between fashion and art so seamlessly. And what I love most about Yayoi’s work is the repetition and scale of her works. I could look at them forever.


Can you tell us about an exhibition or an artwork you’ve seen that moved you? 

I remember going to see the Grayson Perry show at the MCA last year and being blown away by the detail and variation in Perry’s works.  Then listening to one of her podcasts on the BBC too, she has a wicked sense of humour and is so talented.

How do you feel about an exhibition with three women?  

An exhibition with three women is cool – but if those three women are O’Keefe, Cossington Smith and Preston, that is magical!

 What are some of your favourite galleries to visit? 

I like going to White Rabbit Gallery and the MCA in Sydney. In Paris, I love going to Musée de l’Orangerie to sit and look at Monet’s water lilies, I think I have visited 4 or 5 times now – I know what is there but I never tire of going to see it.

If you could pick two women to show your work alongside at AGNSW who would you choose and why?

Holly Fewson and Frida Kahlo. A girl can dream!

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