Stellar Leuna

'Male Gaze'

  • Words. Chris Loutfy

Art | May 11 2016

The Ladies Network brings you ‘Male Gaze’, a photography series that aims to redefine the perceptive interaction of men to women. We will be showcasing the work of contemporary male creatives that support our mission. By incorporating their creative expression, these guys will introduce us to the women they admire most – for their talent, creativity, and passion.

Contributor Chris Loutfy is a photographer and gallerist amongst lots of other things. He lives and works in Sydney.

Stellar Leuna is an insanely talented illustrator from Sydney, Australia. She unabashedly wears her influences on her sleeve whether it be horror films, the occult or pre-raphaelitism, and it shines through in her work. Her drawings are timelessly graphic and remind me of comic books and the best artwork I’ve seen on record sleeves, while still being unmistakably Stellar Leuna drawings.

Stellar’s drawings are in striking black ink on white paper, meticulously created by hand over many hours. I admire her drive to unapologetically draw the images she wants to create, without compromising her values or catering to trends. She sits down everyday and draws until her work is done because it’s what she loves to do I find that really inspiring.

Also featuring heavily in these photos is Gandalf – Stellar’s cat.

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