Caitlin Foster

  • Words. Emma Saunders

Art | February 20 2017

Caitlin Foster is an illustrator and designer based in New York. Creating intricate pattern-based drawings, her work is highly detailed yet varied. She has exhibited in group and solo exhibitions around America and in Spain. Caitlin has also collaborated with organisations including Encl and Zig Zag Zurich, transferring her artworks to clothes and homewares respectively.

Your works are full of intricate patterns, what influences your work?

The combination of the meditative act of repetitive, detailed drawing and the feeling of contentment once an entire page is filled are components of why I draw the way I do. Looking at the patterns of everyday things in my immediate personal landscape – like tiles in a floor, wood grain, house plants – are points of departure for many of my drawings. Stylistically, I am more drawn to female perspectives in art. I look to the work of artists like Nathalie du Pasquier, Tauba Auerbach, Anni Albers, Tomma Abts, Carmen Herrera, Sonia Delaunay, Hilma af Klint, and Anoka Faruqee, to name a few.

How has your work changed over time?

In the past few years my work has migrated from fine art more into design. I have always been interested in making complicated patterns and intricate line work in my drawings. These are also primal components in surface and textile design, which has led me to increased opportunities to collaborate more in design.


What materials do you prefer to work with in order to produce such detailed line work?

Primarily micron pens with very fine tips to get a high level of detail. I have begun using brushes and brush pens recently too, to get a different line quality and more little bits of color in my drawings.

You’ve collaborated with Encl and Zig Zag Zurich, who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

I would love to collaborate with more experimental womenswear brands like Gorman, Rachel Comey, or Marni. I also like working with athletic brands on workout clothes. I like seeing more bold prints on everyday clothing.

What are you working on at the moment?

Many things at the moment! Currently I’m designing a new print for a women’s running clothing company, working on a collection of notebooks, and am still in talks on a few more potential projects. I’m hoping to keep up this steady pace of collaborations all year.

To view more, visit or follow Caitlin on Instagram at @caitlinforsterprintshop

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