Sampa The Great

Music | June 16 2017

Earlier this year, Sampa blew collective minds at Laneway Festival. In collaboration with Red Bull Sound Select, Sampa engulfed Melbourne and Sydney crowds within a giant colourful woven cape, before allowing attendees to pull apart their own piece of the cape to wear for the remainder of the festival – everybody was a hero for the day. Nawww ❤️

Consistently radiating strength and positivity, we wanted to know what makes Sampa so, well, great. So take note – because she’s given us five tips that helped her find her own inner hero.




  1. Know who you are

Get to know who you are, you strengths and weaknesses and what makes you a whole person.

I believe this grounding will be a marker for you if you ever get lost or are discouraged.

2. Love who you are

Wholly loving yourself takes a lot of strength. This is accepting your flaws and changing what you need to be better. But mostly enjoying the person you have become, after all you will be with this person till the end.

3. Live above your weaknesses and fears

Fears and weaknesses are not something that is easily conquered. Even while working to conquer a fear or better a weakness. Be sure to aim to live above it. Courage is not the absence of fear, but the ability to continue in spite of fear.

  1. Better your strengths

Find the things that you are good at and master them. You are always learning and knowledge is never really fully attained.



5. Love more

Love more,
when you are unloved
when you find it hard to love yourself
when you show too much love without it being reciprocated
when you don’t show love with love given to you
Love more!

Sampa the Great’s HERoes Act 2 EP is out now with Red Bull Sound Select. All three tracks were recorded in Red Bull’s Paris studios and feature Grammy award winning artist, Estelle and producer Rahki (Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott).

She is currently on tour with REMI, remaining dates & info HERE!

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