Siri Define Beauty

  • Words. Louisa Thurn

Art | March 16 2017

Siri Define Beauty… lives in the grey area between modern technology and the natural world. Curated by Sophie Penkethman-Young, Duncan Brown, Matthew Roll, and Eliya Cohen, this intimate multimedia exhibition explores the connections between the organic and the virtual, simultaneously highlighting the weird beauty of both.

Works include a psychedelic melding of nature footage and a dancing girl, nature scenes digitally chopped, changed, warped, drawn on and altered, and a live stream of an ikebana flower arrangement’s inevitable death.

Even the program is a piece of art in and of itself, the usual artists’ statements replaced with copy-and-

paste gems found online, like a description of Wikipedia’s classification as an academic source, or an excerpt from a review of Pokemon Go.

Siri Define Beauty… takes a look at the features of our internet age with a refreshing sense of humour and appreciation. Where other artists have chosen to focus on a suffocating encroachment of technology into our lives, Penkethman-Young, Brown, Roll, and Cohen highlight how technology and nature can work in tandem, a mix and mush that brings out the best in each.

Siri Define Beauty… is showing at Glebe’s Interlude Gallery, and runs until Saturday the 18th of March. Join the Facebook event for the closing night.

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