Six Artists To

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  • Words. Bree Caggiati

Art | March 15 2017

Despite it’s reputation as a black hole of distraction, Instagram at its roots is a platform to share images and as such is a pretty nifty space to share art and illustrations with the world wide web. Here’s six female artists to follow asap.

No where else can the humble selfie, our favourite brands and interesting art live together in intersectional harmony quite like everyone’s favourite rainbow-coloured app, Instagram. While I’ll never tire of double tapping pics of my best friend’s cat, I do like to mix my low brow with my high and cycle through people I’m following to keep things interesting. If you’re finding your feed is getting a bit too familiar and want to shake up the selfie to art ratio, here are six artists to follow on Instagram who’ll make everything shiny and new again.


Inès Longevial is a French painter and illustrator rendering the female form in intriguing and contrasting colour palettes that make you look twice. She is an established artist and her work is well loved: Nike, Urban Outfitters, and Levi’s are among her clients (you go girl!). Her art style uses colour to convey depth and movement to otherwise flat imagery which is a successful new take on the simple line drawings popular in recent years (which she also nails btw). Her feed is full of these colourful pieces and large scale canvasses, yet her videos showing her steady hand are the sweet spot. They are so g-dang mesmerising you’ll watch on a loop. Sorry if you use all your data.


If you haven’t come across Tara Booth yet you are seriously missing out on some belly laughs. Booth was traditionally trained in fine arts and uses gouache like a pro despite her somewhat uncouth comic style. Her colour and patterns are really distinct and take comics to a different place than the usual pen and ink cartoon approach. I’m yet to find a lady who doesn’t identify with her ‘Peeing in a romper’ depiction and I’m still lolling about her character deciding what shoes to wear between about 10 different styles of black boots. Guys! So relatable! Her feed shows lots of new comics, behind the scenes stuff and links to prints that sell out too fast.


Niki Dionne is a woman of colour with a point of view. She combines her love of crochet (yes, crochet!), photography and illustration to create playful digital art, gifs and collage. I recently came across her illustration of fashion blogger @double3xposure and could not look away. I find her handle on texture nothing short of compelling and love how she makes simple shapes interesting with her colour and layering choices. You can see some of her art as part of the @loveletteramerica campaign too.


Instagram sensation Mari Andrew currently has 372K followers so chances are you’ve seen her witty and uplifting drawings in your suggested feed at some stage already. If you haven’t, I would recommend lurking through her feed for her funny musings on life’s encounters. Her poignant portrayals of grief and self-care are tucked away in my screenshots folder as reminders and looked at often.


Sarah Cardamone’s take on the female figure is varied and realistic. She portrays bodies with hair in natural places and in different shapes and colours. To put it simply, more art should look like this. The Melbourne designer switches between coloured pencil, collage and digital design and yet, despite the range, each medium strongly showcases her distinct style and a superior understanding of colour and form. I really love her work, honestly, just hurry up and follow her already!


This account belongs to Marta Oktaba a Melbourne artist and zine maker who creates very sweet line drawings with very interesting perspectives (eg. hugs from the aerial perspective, looking down on the tops of her subject’s heads). Among the drawings are aspirational quotes like, ‘this is a magic spell that will defeat all your insecurities’ how helpful, who doesn’t need that?  Her work could easily be tattooed all over your body, in fact she offers a virtual tattoo hug on her site for this very purpose. You can ‘purchase’ the use of one of her instagram drawings and take it to your own tattoo artist, just a little way to show appreciation. Her site is full of other cute knick knacks like earrings, pins and prints of her work.

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