The Big Moon

  • Words. Ancika Mester
  • Photography. Charlotte Patmore

Music | March 30 2017

Can’t settle? A bit aimless? Like you’re waiting for something to happen soon? I was in one of those moods. Then I had a listen to The Big Moon and got straight into the groove.

Juliette, Soph, Celia and Fern are The Big Moon, a London Girl band whose music often starts with a bit of a searching tease before it takes off.  A bit like life a lot of the time. And then, the higher and faster it goes, the stronger it becomes. Sound familiar? Definitely go girl go kind of stuff.

When lead singer Juliette sings that she’s formidable, you’d better believe it. And, their film clips are the best!  Check out Formidable, Silent Movie Susie and Sucker if you want to be taken into a tell-it-like-it-is world with a bit of of colour and fun on the side. They’ve recently played SXSW and are about to release their debut album, ‘Love in the 4th Dimension’ on April 7th!

I had a nice quick chat with lead singer Juliette while she was in Holland. On a roll from the sound of things….

Woo! Youve just played 11 shows at SXSW! Tell us what went down..

SXSW was possibly the funnest week I’ve ever had in my life! I feel like it all happened very quickly. Yeah, we did eleven shows in four days. I started every morning with a bowl of cheerios and ended every night quite drunk on margaritas and it felt like it was all just one day. You know, like one day, BAM BAM BAM and before you knew it I was on a plane home again. It was seriously fun. I saw some amazing bands, like Shame were so good, they’re from London and Gabriella Cohen who I think is from Australia..

Yes! Gabriella Cohen, she is amazing. Love her!

Yeah, she is amazing! her voice is amazing. We also played the Laneway Festival SXSW Showcase so I’m really hoping that means they might want us to come play in Australia soon because we really want to come to Australia.

Well, lets get you on a plane over here.. I was going to ask, when can we see you on our side of the world?

Ahh yeah who fucking knows (laughs) yeah, we all really want to come to Australia.. All my housemates are Australian and two of them are there at the moment and they’re sending me pictures of nice things and weird packets of noodles that they like..

Yeah, it’s the total other side of the world you know and we just want to explore that far off place.

Your debut album Love in the 4th Dimension comes out next month, can you take us back and tell us a bit about the making of it?  

We spent 12 days recording in the summer last year, recording with Catherine Marks who is a total babe and absolute boss in the studio and really helped us to capture what we wanted to sound like.

We wanted it to sound energetic and live, just how we sound when we play, we were recording songs that we have been playing for two years, touring pretty heavily so we knew them really inside out and we just went in the studio and did one song a day.

It was good, you know even though it was only 12 days, we had plenty of time to experiment and make weird noises and hit things and strangely there weren’t any bad times. I didn’t expect there to be any bad times, but you hear that recording an album is intense and people have arguments but as a band we’re not really like that, we talk about things and we work things out and we always end up finding things we agree on which is really nice.

We never have sort of creative differences, we want the same thing and what we’re doing serves the songs, you know there’s no big egos or anything like that; we just want to make noises and we want to make the same kind of noises so recording this album was pretty satisfying.

I was just watching the video diary you made at SXSW for BBC News and yeah you can really pick up on those good vibes in the band. It made me just wanna hang out with you girls and party!

Yeah! you should come hang out with us!

Yes please! Come to Australia!! Tell us a bit about the live music scene in London?

It’s pretty good at the moment. I found in the US last week all the venues closed at 2AM everywhere and to us that felt quite early because in London places can stay open till like 5 or 6 or at least 3. There are some really good bands floating around London at the moment, Goat Girl, do you know them?

No! I dont know them..

Oh my god, you’re going to love them, look them up. You’ll love them.

Love the name Goat Girl. I am looking them up pronto!

There’s also a band called Shame. There’s just a load of South London bands floating around. Yeah its a good place to be at the moment if you’re in a guitar band so I feel pretty lucky about that.

And I feel pretty lucky to listen and chat to you! Hope to see you in Australia soon!

Hope to see you soon!

Ill be right up the front dancing when youre here!

Love In the 4th Dimension’ it out on April 7.

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