The Ladies Live:

Phoebe Twigg

  • Words. Mariah Edgoose
  • Photography. Dean Lever

Music | May 28 2017

Listening to the music of Sydney DJ/Producer Phoebe Twigg leaves me feeling like I am being transported into an exhilaratingly dark virtual reality game: her music is textural and dense and her references to pop culture such as anime blend to generate truly unique sounds. Some of what she creates is explosive and energetic, yet there is an underlying shadowy and sensual mood in her productions that appeals to emotion and teases the soul. The Sydney local has been overseas wandering Europe and performing in places such as London, Budapest and Moscow. Ahead of returning home, where she’ll be playing at the upcoming The Ladies Live x Vivid (June 1), Phoebe Twigg took some time out of her travels to chat about her old music blog, touring, and her upcoming EP.

You have been touring in Europe over the past few weeks… How is it all going? Any personal highlights so far? 

Yeah! it was pretty unexpected because it started off as a holiday and then morphed into a handful of shows along the way which has been super exciting! I think Russia was the main highlight, I’ve wanted to visit for a long time so it was great to be able to play a show, the kids of Moscow where refreshingly energetic. 

The music you produce is niche and rather otherworldly. I read (in another interview) that you said many of your supporters are in fact from abroad and connect to your music via the Internet. Is being able to personally reach more of your supporters a huge motivation to tour abroad?

It’s been really rewarding being able to meet fans. Living in Australia you tend to struggle with things like the lock out laws and a smaller population which makes it harder to support more adventurous music. I’ve noticed a large amount of positive feedback comes from the internet via the EU so it’s been super cool to receive IRL kudos and support.

You’ve played in some amazing cities already. But what would your dream city or venue be for a gig? 

Probably the Berghain in Berlin or Merriweather Post Pavilion in Maryland in the US.

Last time The Ladies Network chatted with you, when asked to use three words, you used ‘ominous, emotional and atmospheric’ to describe your musical style. Does that description still resonate with you? How do you think your style has developed over the past year?  

Even though my style has progressed, those words could still be applied. Although when I was using the word atmospheric previously I was relating it to an ethereal and nostalgic mood and now I feel like the music is more direct.

Going back further in time- when did you actually start DJing and have you always been interested in the production side of music?  

I helped run a music blog quite some time ago where I’d put up occasional podcasts. This was probably my first interaction with DJing. At that time me and a boyfriend formed a Myspace band making DAW based beats that I also sung on. That was probably the first time I was introduced to producing. I didn’t start taking it seriously until a few years later, being self-taught has taken a fair amount of time and discipline. It wasn’t until I started to study music that it became my main preoccupation.

When you return to Australia, you’ll be playing at The Ladies Live x Vivid (June 1) alongside some other amazing local talents such as Gussy and Lupa J. Who are some more Australian artists you’re loving right now? 

Yeah very excited for the show! My favourite Australian artists at the moment are Jikuroux, CORIN and Grasps as I listen to their music on constant rotation and use them in DJ sets often.

Asides from the upcoming The Ladies Live x Vivid, you have been involved in other local events that celebrate female artists, such as the For Film’s Sake Festival. These events highlight a growing support network of female artists in Sydney. But what has been your experience overseas… have you discovered any places that are killing it in terms of equality and visibility in the music industry? 

At the moment I’m in London and from what I’ve noticed the music scene here seems to have a more equal gender representation. I think it boils down to the city’s strong demand for culture. There’s more people attending events, therefore events happen more often and a good amount of females are involved.

Can you share with us what else is happening in 2017? What are you looking forward to in the coming months? 

Well, finally my debut EP titled Purge is dropping on 12 inch by a Sydney label that formally ran parties called Deep Seeded, as well as some interstate touring for that and a few really cool Sydney shows TBA.

What’s the best thing about coming home after time away? 

Sushi and my cat.

Catch Phoebe Twigg play at The Ladies Live x Vivid
June 1st, 7pm – 1 am
Harpoon Harry’s
44 Wentworth Avenue, Surry Hills NSW 2010

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