Ella Fence

  • Words. Holly Gibson

Music | May 3 2017

Bold and consuming, Ella Fence gives us an insight into her creative process and a taste of her new passionate and raw EP before her upcoming Motel Tour.

What was your creative process behind Dancer? What does the Dancer mean to you?

The Dancer is the party. He is your lust, your desires, your indulgence.

He is the solitude; the balance between the goodness in your heart and the devil in your dreams.

He can’t be silenced with attention, he can’t be silenced with rejection; these things to him are temporary.

He pushes and pulls you however he feels, stretching around you, shadowing you. He is your self doubt and your comfort and the facade of your confidence.

While you reflect a version of yourself that is seemingly available to all, he is your undealt card, your deepest secrets, your vulnerable self that is only truly understood, honoured, worshipped by those you choose to let hurt you.

I wrote this track in retrospect, reflecting on the exhaustion of an imbalanced relationship. But every scenario is multifaceted and there is always a story untold. This song is about wanting something you shouldn’t, and the circus of thoughts that accompany every big decision

If written in retrospect, how did your collaboration with the audacious Vinnie LaDuce evolve the song?

I worked with a lot of different people before Vinnie and I started working together, but this creative professional relationship was by far the one where I found myself most in sync with the other songwriter. We honed in on how I truly wanted to represent myself as an artist and I believe we’ve achieved that. When Vinnie LaDuce and I started working together, I didn’t know we’d be writing and recording my whole second EP (released later this year), I just loved his music, thought he was a cool dude and wanted to learn more about songwriting by collaborating with him. But when we were writing Dancer (the latest single and first track we wrote together), the process was seamless and fluid and it was impossible to not continue writing with him.

Dancer was the perfect choice as your first single as it is like you are almost teasing audiences because the song is so addictive. How does this track compare to others in your upcoming EP?

Thank you, I’m glad you like it. Each track reveals a certain part of myself, they’re all very different, they all tell their own stories. Musically and contextually there is a through line and common theme.

Did your success from your past EP Wanderlust and your experiences overseas influence you in anyway? Did you shift in style from your previous EP?

It made me realize this is what I want to do with my life and that it was something that I could 100% make happen with the support of my loved ones and team.

The style of the second EP is very different to the first for sure – but if art has rules what’s the point?

You have performed all over the world! How will touring Australia compare?

Music is a universal language and that’s why it’s so beautiful. My fondest memories while on stage were 1) in Berlin, and 2) in Toronto – those audiences were so engaged and the vibes were perfect those nights.

I’m excited to offer a unique experience for audiences down the East Coast, with intimate showcases during the Motel Tour. Five shows. Five cities. In five Motel rooms. Good vibes only. Visit www.ellafencemusic.com/tour to find out how you can get on the waiting list.

I am so excited to see you live, I feel like the energy will be insane. How do you feel on stage?

When you’ve got a band who are as talented and incredible as the two ladies I have on stage with me (Aquila Young and Lily Budiasa) – the feeling on stage is wild. You’re completely safe in the knowing that the band has each other’s backs, but you also push yourself harder into unsafe, unbound territories.

Any words of wisdom to girls who are trying to make it in the industry?

Here are some things I’ve learned, but by no means do I have all the answers!

– Not everyone will like your music. But not everyone likes Beyonce’s music. She is doing okay. Just be you and do what you do.

– I made a promise to myself at the beginning of this year that I would empower myself when it came to music. I decided I was worthy and good enough to pursue it as a career. When in doubt, I check back in with that promise and remember that my former self already decided that I was already everything I need to be to do this. Keep moving forward, as long as there is action and intention, you will begin to step towards results.

– Your team is important. Choose the right people to be around you, people you can trust, and then choose trust them in return, they deserve that too.

– The best piece of advice I’ve ever received was from another female artist, Isabella Manfredi from The Preatures. She told me, “I just want to be happy and I want the art to be good”. This hit me hard and repositioned my thinking and where I was focusing my energy. Less and less did give a shit about facebook likes and emails and my energy was focused on getting the music at a high quality and building a close relationship with myself and the people I love.

– Spend time on your art. It’s easy to get caught up in the other bullshit, but what is important is first and for most is the art. There are so many opportunities out there to grow and expand on your skills as a performer, song-writer, musician – make that the priority, not how many facebook likes you have (a trap that I 100% have been caught in many times).

– Actively seek inspiration – if you are craving inspiration, what I’ve found works is branching out into other art forms – visual arts, dancing, theatre, film – being surrounded by other creative people is hugely beneficial when you’re trying to spark the creative soul in you.

– No one has all the answers, and if someone claims to, be very careful what their intentions are. Your artistic journey is your own to travel on and the driver needs to be you.

– Find the right people to collaborate with on your project (whether it’s a producer, your band, another songwriter) – this may have to come from working with all the wrong people first, but it’s hugely rewarding when you begin to work in sync and in flow creatively with another human being.

Want to see Ella Fence live? Join her inside Motel Rooms at secret locations in May for a passionate show that will have you dancing all night.

Capacity is limited so email ellafencemoteltour@gmail.com for exclusive details.

Brisbane: 6 May
Byron: 13 May
Sydney: 19 May
Melbourne: 20 May
Gold Coast: 27 May

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