Georgia Mulligan

  • Words. Ancika Mester
  • Photography. Brianna Elton

Music | May 3 2017

Singer-songwriter and all-round magical human, Georgia Mulligan is an artist who mesmerises you and takes you to a dreamy place. She has a stunningly beautiful voice, strong and fragile at the same time.  

Following the release of her new single, Any Given Day, earlier this month, Georgia is currently recording and exploring in Western Australia. Expect more from this bundle of talent real soon! 

She popped round for a quick cup of tea and a super nice chat.

Georgia! Let’s talk about this new track, Any Given Day.. Loving it. Beautiful!

Yeah, thanks! We recorded this song at the end of last year. I was originally going to release this and a B side which is another song but I couldn’t really reconcile with what we had for the other one. So I went with Any Given Day and got it all mastered and sounding beautiful and Ryan K. Brennan, who produced it all, did all of his magical things on it.

I’ve been writing new stuff at the same time so I guess this is kind of like an interim, putting something out there, trying to not completely drop off the radar….and then work towards recording potentially, an album, depending on what we get out of it.

Writing and recording is something very personal for me, so I think it’s important to do a good job. I feel like an EP is awesome and a more legit form to do but an album is more of a body of work.

What’s coming up for you in the next couple of months? 

I’m going to Western Australia where I’ve never been before, to do some recording, mostly to get away from distractions.

Why Western Australia?

Because Ryan who is going to record and produce for me is from there, and he has a friend who has a space we can use. It’s nice to have an opportunity to go somewhere and use a different space. We’re doing that for about 10 days to record the quiet solo part of the record and then come back to Sydney and track the band, which I’m really looking forward to. I want to make sure it’s fully formed with the band before recording it. Everything is mostly demoed and I’ve put this song (Any Given Day) out there to say Hello!!

Great! A little teaser of what’s more to come! What’s some advice you have for other independent artists?

Ahh I feel like I need the advice… Just do it; play live, play open mic nights; that’s where I met everyone I know to this day. There’s not that many left in Sydney, which I think is such a shame, but the Woolpack in Redfern is good. Just getting whatever you can get and playing for the sake of playing and trying not to worry about if people come or not. Going to open mic nights made me go and see other songwriters and made me think I could write my own songs. I feel like I found myself organically when I went home after having a go. 

Who are some local Sydney artists you’re into at the moment?

I guess all my friends bands. (laughs) Ainsley Farrell who also plays in my band, which is cool. We sang back-ups for Julia Jacklin the other day, because she’s another friend. I guess that’s a collaborative thing, knowing Julia and Liz Hughes; they’ve always been such an inspiration to me.

Where are some favourite places you like to visit for some inspo? Don’t know if that’s a weird a question!

I like to go to the coffee shop by myself and do cross words. Big fan of being alone in a public place, because I really like my alone time, but sometimes if I’m alone all day I feel like I should go somewhere, where there are people to feel where there’s blood pulsing through the bodies. Does that sound strange?

Upcoming gigs:
May 4th at Golden Age with Elizabeth Hughes,
May 5th at OAF Gallery

Have a listen to this sweet gem here:

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